Friday, October 2, 2009

Red Friday Rally at Dundonald Park

Pleasant folk songs in Dundonald Park.

The ever-popular Andrew Lay's SunnyDays cart catered the event. Andrew's cart was missing from Bank/Sparks for two years while he lived - and catered - in China. And got married. In the background, Igor Gouzenko's apartment building.

The Federal plaque manages to avoid mentioning his defection started the Cold War in earnest.

The City plaque manages to be unreadable.

The Gouzenko's apartment building on Somerset beside The Beer Store.

The composition of the Glashan girls school choir reflects the Dalhousie neighborhood: all religions, creeds, nationalities, ethnicities.

Neighborhood MP Paul Dewar welcomes the rally. A military brat, it turns out. MP Royal Galipeau also spoke. He is chair of the Canada-Arab World Parliamentary Association.

President of Dalhousie Community Association welcomes attendees. A navy brat, this time.

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