Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye Baseline Station

The old Baseline transitway station has been retired, replaced by one immediately to the west. The old location will become the site of new building with the transitway underneath it. The glazing was removed from the station shelters and the steel is being scrapped. The shelters are 25+ years old and not worth relocating.

Demolition of the concrete central structure at the station.

Steel and concrete and asphalt are separated for recyling.

The new station has side platforms rather than a centre-island design. A regular user of the station told me this morning that she much prefers the new side platforms, as being simpler to navigate.


  1. The new side platforms have dramatically added to walk times from one route to another - no fun when you have a tight connection.

    The routing of the 118, and possibly other routes as well, is also annoying as hell: the eastbound bus has to do a loop up into the turnaround loop before circling back around to the east/southbound platform. Then, with the additional walk time from one platform to another, again you have a recipe for missed connections. I can see no good reason why the 118 shouldn't stop on the east side as well when it's eastbound, at least outside of peak periods, to allow for better connections to the eastbound 95 etc.

    That would make too much sense.

    And is there any reason why (A) there are twice as many shelters on the west side as the east, (B) why they didn't leave the temporary shelters in place (it IS going to get crowded in nasty weather), and (C) why there is not a single system map anywhere in site?

    Does anyone involved in this project actually ride the bus?

  2. Well ...nice to see someone else thinks the same lines as I...The bus stop locations are not logical...#95 Orleans should be at the other end near where the buses come in, CLOSER to Algonquin end where students come out at ?... The space hwere there is no bus stops is wasted space..why not put the buses that are rush hr only, up at the far end and bring all the others closer to the Park and ride end ?

  3. The new station is a huge waste of resources. They're supposed to relocate it again, underground this time? So they've put up all of these shelters, which barely deserve the name, considering they're wide open to the wind, which is plentiful at that location during winter, and they're just going to take them down again and demolish the sidewalk and fence? Someone really wasn't thinking. I thought Fallowfield station was bad, but this is horrible.