Friday, October 9, 2009

Lotus Court green roof

Lotus Court is a mixed use project by Phoenix DCR developers at the corner of Rochester and Somerset Streets. The upper levels consist of townhouse units and stacked townhouse/loft units that are accessed off a central courtyard 3/4 of a flight up off the street.

Under the units facing Somerset there are storefront offices. Under  the units facing the back (Eccles Street) are another level of residential units. Somewhere under the whole thing is underground parking. Resales seem to be brisk.

The building seems to function well for the location. However, the courtyard and thus the upper units - some of which are single level units - are not ramp accessable. The roof line has a curious metal sheathing, a cross between a mansard and a oriental-tile facade, that merely looks odd. The upper units facing on Somerset have "french balconies", ie patio doors with a planter ledge only and railing, even though they are on a flat roof that could have had very large walkout balconies or terraces.

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