Thursday, October 1, 2009

Centretown music practice

By coincidence, having just finished reading several books set in the Scottish highlands, I came across this collection of bagpipes and government vehicles in a downtown parking lot one Saturday.

Imagine rural peasants in the medieval period who never experienced the world more than 5 miles from their home village. The loudest sounds they heard were thunder and coos (that's "cows" in English). Now image the excitement of being rounded up for duty in some military action: new countryside to see, castles and fortified manors, and then over the hill comes the enemy group, with loud drums and making really loud noisy music. I am sure it would have been terrifying.

The sound echoing off high rise buildings in the downtown was impressive.

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  1. Heh, I noticed the same thing too on Sunday morning! I was at Bank and Gloucester and could hear (hear) the pipes a-calling. It was fun to follow the sounds through the echoing streets to figure out where they were.