Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Booth Street Infill

This building is located on Booth Street just north of the Queensway. It has been underway for several years, with long pauses in construction. The exterior walls are made of foam blocks that are stacked up and then filled with poured concrete to be load bearing, insulated both sides.

It appears to be three units: a three storey unit facing the side street w/ garage; a three storey unit facing Booth, w/garage; and a stair down to a half-basement unit that runs under both of the upper units.

The exterior parging / stucco is almost complete. A bit of roof flashing has blown loose on the top front vertical wall over the "porch". The bit of sloped roof bothers me a bit, since it has an overhang that is not evidenced elsewhere.


  1. I walk my dog by that place all the time, I find it so bizarre!

  2. I heard the original person ran out of money and that is why the project took so long to complete. It does stick out like a sore thumb and looks like something out of Miami Vice or GTA.

  3. Is it supposed to be residential? When I first saw it I figued it was going to be something like a community center. What a strange building.

  4. Looks like the Vancouver leaky condos that were put up like crazy in the early 1990s.