Monday, December 7, 2009

Writ Big

Signs appeared recently on the Queensway overpass over Preston Street. On both sides -- facing north, facing south -- have appeared these large channel letter signs. While not lit up when I saw them, they look like they could be lit up.

Real estate speculators and condo buyers will have no problem knowing when they are in trendy (according to Ken Gray at the Ottawa Citizen)  Little Italy.


  1. I thought these were neat! I saw them at night though, and I don't think they do light up (though they do look like they should!). I think they're fun, but they also remind me a little bit of a diner logo ...I think 'Licks' to be exact.
    The other thing these signs made me notice for the first time is that this section of the Queensway, on the south side, has no sound barrier wall, while the north side has a tiny one. It seems like the patios directly to the south, in particular, would benefit from a little sound dampening... I know the province doesn't like paying for sound barrier walls in non-residential areas, but I wonder if it would make sense for the BIA to cover the cost....

  2. Yes,Eric,
    they will be lit up in the near future...we're just waiting on the electrician! We're hoping they'll be bright by the weekend!

  3. i just spoke with the city and they assured me that the section of preston between carling and beech would be finished work tomorrow - dec. 10 and open on the 11. no more detours!