Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lisgar street condo coming

Canus Plastics,  on Lisgar, half block east of Bank Street, is slated to become another condo tower as residential infill and intensification continues in the downtown. The building is by Starwood Mastercraft, who are also building condos on Parkdale and 125 Champagne (the latter being the Acquerelo site) near Carling OTrain station.

Click on the map to enlarge for readability, or go to their site


  1. Thanks for the tip.

    I noticed the sales centre for the project across the street (which was rejected by Planning Committee) is gone. (They destroyed a few trees when they rammed that sales centre portable onto the site). I also notice this proposed project isn't nearly as tall as the one that Council rejected, but it still has quite a large presence--larger than the two Domicile buildings a block south.

  2. Hi Eric, the site is on the south side of Lisgar where Canus Plastic is. Your photo/description is showing a parking lot on the north side. Compare the aerial photo with Bing Maps bird's eye to see what's on the site right now.

  3. You are correct, the photo I originally put up was taken from Lisgar Street. My mistake. I modified the text a bit to reflect real estate reality. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

  4. Still lots of room for infill - I count 13 surface parking lots on that picture alone.