Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cornerstone Project launched

the Cornerstone women's housing apartment building (42units) will be built at the corner of Booth and Eccles, on the site of the former Desjardins/IGA/Loeb grocery store

Diane Holmes, Royal Galipeau, Jim Watson, Sue Garvey, and Yasir Naqvi

Sue Garvey speaks to the large turnout that came to launch the project


  1. That's good news. I miss having a grocery store, but at least the lot is going to good use.

    Now if only we could have women's housing AND a grocery store... Too much to ask? :)

  2. Agree with the above comment the area needs a Grocery store but congratulatons on the housing project.

    I read recently that Loblaws is looking to open smaller (non big box) stores in urban areas, hopefully one will come to our area.

  3. hi all,

    Will this bring trouble to our neigbourhood?
    such as drugs/ prostitution?? noise??



  4. This was very much an initial concern of myself and the BIA. However, this is NOT a shelter in the style of the Mission, Shepherds, etc, but is a residential building for 20 elderly women and 22 not-necessarily-elderly women who have already passed through training and rehab services. The building is also staffed and supervised 24/7. We met with neighbours of their existing buildings and heard only positive things. As a result, I unreservedly welcome Cornerstone to the neighborhood.

    It should be a huge step above some "low rent" rooming houses etc where people hang out bothering others. If we didn't have Cornerstone, where will these women be and what would they be doing??