Saturday, December 19, 2009

A tale of two houses ...

Both houses are on Primrose Street. The top one had its second floor stucco exterior wrapped in "house wrap", which prevents air infiltration but allows the passage of vapour (usually out of the walls). I am disappointed they did not put any additional insulation between the wooden strapping that has been applied for the new exterior cladding. I am a strong believer in insulation, but probably like for the City Living houses "renovated" along Albert, the person doing the renovation doesn't pay the utility bill, the tennant does, so additional insulation is not installed.

Next door is the green house subject of earlier posts, because of its sagging rear addition and the reveal of old signs on the wooden exterior. This house is also getting wooden strapping and new exterior cladding ... but is also getting some foamboard insulation AND housewrap too
In a few days, I'll post pix of the different exteriors.


  1. love your blog! as a newer resident to Hintonburg, great history..well done

  2. Welcome to the exciting West Side of downtown Ottawa. There is lots happening all the time, great and small. I find the small stuff often is fascinating.

  3. I could be wrong but the top house looks like it's wrapped not in a house wrap, but in rigid insulation. I say that because Tyvek and Typar generally come on 8' to 9' rolls and this seems to be in 2' by 8' panels which is the size of may rigid insulation panels.

    If that's then the top house is the better installation because the strapping is over the insulation instead of between limiting thermal bridging and providing air circulation behind the siding. Now if I'm wrong and it is just house wrap, then they have definitely missed an opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of the house.

  4. I walk up Primrose everyday, and have been watching the Green house with interest. At first I was excited that this neighborhood killing eye sore was finally being torn down before it falls down.
    I was shocked when I noticed they were putting in new windows, and a cheap new wrap.
    Too Bad.

  5. MG: I looked more closely at the pink house, and I suspect you are more observant than me. It does appear to be rigid insulation. This is good, both houses getting some insulation, house wrap, and then plastic siding to hide the former sins.
    Matt: I dont cry over the Green House. We need to keep what affordable housing (read: crappy falling down stuff) we have. The site of the green house was proposed for a six storey condo a few years ago, City staff encouraged the developer to go 8 if he could expand the lot. That fell through. The site will be redeveloped someday. Fortunately another apt building in the immediate area has been bought by CCOC and will thus be preserved as 'affordable' housing forever.