Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Cycling Path Maintenance

Alright, I admit that the multipurpose path on the north side of Albert between Bronson and Bayview is not really an official cycling path. If it were, it wouldn't be plowed in the winter, because the City and NCC do not maintain cycle paths in the winter. But since this is officially a sidewalk  ... it just happens to look like and function like and get used like a bike path ... it gets plowed and winter maintained.

I thought this path provided some insight into the feasibility of winter cycling in Ottawa.


  1. Eric, your claim is false. The City does plow many of its paths in the winter. On behalf of the NCC, it plows paths along the Rideau Canal, as well as its path through Centrepointe from Baseline station to Craig Henry--a very vital connection. I know that some small segments, like the Percy St. path, don't get plowed, but they might plow it if asked.

    The NCC does not plow most of its paths, and most paths in the Ottawa-Gatineau area are owned by the NCC. Many are used by cross-country skiers in the winter, and are flooded with water for most of the winter and spring, so would not be navigable if they were plowed.

  2. I am glad to know the city does plow some paths. I use the centrepoint one about once a month in winter and it is usually in pretty good shape.

    This habit bodes well if we get more, better cycling paths since winter cycling will be a more viable option.