Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wayfinding in Little Italy

The city continues to upgrade the streetscaping along Preston. All new street signs are being installed at the intersections. While each cross street got its sign (one on the west side, one on the east side) not all of the intersections got the Preston Street sign, as shown here.


  1. Interesting, that Preston sign is designed for the other one to cross it on top (i.e. sitting on top of a post), as it doesn't have the Ottawa "O" on top of it. I see it also has bolt holes on the other side. Looks like the City still has a Preston street sign left in their Decommissioned Street Signs list (a steal at only ten bucks!).

  2. Hmm.

    I'm surprised that no one's proposed a "Corso Italiano" variant of the new street-sign standard yet. Is there a template one can download to try one's hand at designing such a thing?