Monday, December 21, 2009

BikeWest on CBC radio Monday

The route, from downtown to westboro

Possible intersection-free alignment along the LRT through LeBreton flats.

The CBC afternoon show will do a live segment on the BikeWest project Monday just after the 5pm news. If you can't listen in, I'll post a MP3 of the interview in a few days.


  1. Very good concept. Engaging interview on the way City Councilors came to support BikeWest.

    Please suggest how to continue, to Kanata and Orleans?

  2. Heard a little bit of this. Congrats, and thanks for getting the word out!

  3. Michael Wolfson has left a new comment on your post "BikeWest – part i - Opportunity Knocks":

    Just heard your interview on CBC radio, and Googled to find this. You have my congratulations for taking this initiative, and my support! Ottawa needs much more ambitious and effective approaches to facilite bicycling as something more people can incorporate into their regular activities, and commuting to work is certainly one.

  4. Great idea, Eric. A few comments:

    From the maps you've posted, it looks like you are routing BikeWest on the paths along Scott. Most riders I see, like me, choose to ride on the road between Tom Brown Arena and Churchill even though there are paths there.

    There are two reasons for this: Crossing all the side streets from the bike paths is dangerous. Drivers pulling out on Scott don't seem to notice cyclists on the paths, but do when they're on the road.

    Also, the paving on the bike paths is lousy and those brick insets at every intersection make the ride even bumpier.

    (Roadway on Scott-Albert itself has some of the worse gutter paving in the city. The eastbound section between City Centre and Good Companions is like the lunar surface.)

    Another hazard on the paths are the pedestrians, especially near Tunney's Pasture.

    Really, what we need along Scott are dedicated, segregated bike lanes.

    Have you raised the issue of winter cycling? I ride on Scott from Westboro to downtown because it is usually plowed early during snowfall. The paths are plowed much later.

    Anyway, good work getting this on the radar. I love the idea of path through LeBretton Flats.