Monday, July 12, 2010

Is street cuisine killing our trees?

For years chip wagons parked outside the (now demolished) Canadian Tire store on Richmond Road. The store may be gone, but the chip wagon remains.

All winter, the snow bank between the chip wagon and the line of trees abutting the school yard is sodden and discoloured with greasy water that somehow gets discarded on the public boulevard. The patrons lined up don't seem to notice or mind.

Now, one of the 30' high trees along this stretch has died. If grease clogged the tree arteries and killed it, what is it doing to our human arteries??

And will the chip wagon remain once the many condos are occupied at 101 and 111 Richmond Road (to say nothing of those on the Our Lady of the Condos monastery site...). Invite guests for dinner ... take in chips ... um um. Ottawa street cuisine at its finest.

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