Friday, July 23, 2010

Highway to nowhere

The city's roads department has its signals branch located on Gladstone on either side of the O-Train cut. The yards are full of signal poles and light fixtures. Mostly these lights are "out" at night; but one recent evening there were multiple heads cycling through red-yellow-green.

 Immediately behind them is a dense patch of bush, through which a ped path winds that will someday become the cycling path along the Otrain corridor.


  1. They were probably testing a signal sequence. I blogged about the signals division in part 3 of my tour of the City's Traffic Operations Division in that building.

  2. What a strange place! It would be nice to see the space around that part of Gladstone much better used (starting with an o-train station?).
    Do you know what happened with the possible Farmers Market trial this summer at the Fed Govt building across the street?

  3. The plans for an Otrain or LRT station are still alive, but the city isn't spending any money to expand the Otrain service and LRT is far off in the future.
    The farmer's market idea is still alive, but the preston BIA is having a tough time convincing the feds to talk about the warehouse complex.
    I think it is more realistic to get a produce mart or something in the area.