Monday, July 19, 2010

Bronson road diet

Your blogger was interviewed on CBC radio this morning about the Bronson issues. He was also a news story in the local news lineup. You may be able to hear the interview by going to

and selecting the "fake trees" item.

The story must have gotten some feedback, since they followed up looking for additional people to interview in the coming days on the subject of road diets.


  1. I just listened to it. Good job! You talk good. Real good. Hope the City grows a pair and gives the road diet idea a try.

  2. I heard the interview yesterday (nice job!), and the follow-up on road diets this morning. This morning's spot reminded me of a closer-to-home example; this week the city of Toronto is reducing Jarvis St - a major traffic corridor - from five lanes to four, and installing bike lanes. The city's July Cyclometer news letter isn't yet on the web, but I found the following link.