Saturday, January 2, 2010

Windsor should be happy

From time to time we pedestrians find mysterious heaps of salt on the sidewalk. The little Everest shown is on Primrose Street in front of the park.
Presumably, a sidwalk plow was re-loaded with salt at that point, and a little spilled over. Oops.

I wonder how many street trees are mysteriously dead in the spring, or concrete surfaces pitted from unknown causes ... when the spring comes, the evidence of the salt dump cause disappears.

Windsor, or the Magdalene Islands, or where-ever it is that our fair city buys its salt from, should be happy at our generous distribution of the stuff. I'm vacuuming hundreds of granules off the floor of my front entry every day.


  1. As someone who worked over the holidays, I noticed several of these little salt mountains during this period, on my commute from Preston and Elm, up Primrose to Bronson, and then down Gloucester to Kent, notably at the top of the Primrose stairs.
    I think the city told the salt-ers to leave lots of salt at key intersections to save having to pay them overtime to salt again on Christmas or New Years. Or they could have just been drunk and high.