Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Dalhousie Community Association Blog

The Dalhousie Community Association has a new information blog. It can be found at

The DCA represents the area from Bay Street on the east, to Bayview/O-Train on the west;
from the Ottawa River/LeBreton Flats south to Carling Avenue.

Dalhousie is one of the least known neighborhoods in the City, and its name is seldom recognized. With the new blog, they aim to improve communication and reach more residents.

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  1. I think the name is probably part of the recognition problem. I was confused by the DCA for the longest time because it was so far from Dalhousie Ave.

  2. Yeah, it's part of the identity problem. Note too that LeBreton St is not on LeBreton Flats, but south of Somerset. We don't even get the area name on google maps.
    -Eric Darwin

  3. I think the alternative name "West Centretown" is probably more recognizable to many people because it's at least more descriptive. I've lived in the Dalhousie neighbourhood (south of the Queensway, I believe it's called Dalhousie South, though I'm sure most residents don't know that) for more than 6 years but I didn't even know there was a community association.... One day out of curiosity to find out if there is one I googled "community association ottawa" and found a list of such associations (see Under Somerset ward there is a Dalhousie association listed with president Archie Campbell, but no link to any website. Is that the same association that you are now president of? Cheers, Lucy