Thursday, September 24, 2009

BikeWest on CBC radio, Friday morning, Sept 25

I cycled along part of the BikeWest route with Stu Mills of CBC Morning yesterday in the pouring rain. The interview, conducted while we pedalled, will air between 7 and 8am, probably (but not guaranteed) at 7.45am.


  1. Establishing a Western Bikeway is a great Idea. I have lived in Ottawa West for many years and I now live downtown near Bronson and Laurier. I used the Ottawa West bikepath for years. The immediate problem for cyclists now is to link the Western bike path to the downtown bike paths at Percy and Bay This link is dangerous to say the least, partularly at the northern base of Bronson or Bay. An interim solution is needed during the LRT construction will further disrupt cycle connection between the cycle parkway at the base of Bronson and on Scott Street

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I deliberately avoided discussing cycling in the downtown core as it is a complex issue and there will be many competing demands for the someday-unused BRT lanes.

    I wanted to focus on one do-able, high-payoff route and not try to solve all the connecting problems and re-fantisize the cycling network in Ottawa.

    One battle at a time.