Monday, February 22, 2010

A matter of Choice ...

Shown below is the Queensway, typical autumn mid-afternoon volume.

Shown below, the transitway. I gather that the transitway carries the same volume of passengers each year as does the Qway. Which one would you rather have cutting through your neighborhood?

Look again at the land take of the Qway, smell the fumes!

Yup, I think I prefer the transitway. And I will even more appreciate when it is converted to electric LRT service. The city is going to grow ... do we bitch forever about the cost of transit and continue to ignore the 10-20x larger expenditure on roads for commuters, or do we opt for transit?


  1. Never, ever, EVER misunderestimate the eagerness or willingness of the populace of this duckburg to favour the automobile over transit, if given the policy choice, every single time.

  2. Witness today's paper referring to the Terry Fox Drive expansion - "We need a viable route from here to the other part of Kanata and that is it"

    First of all, is the other part of Kanata really any different? Same houses, same strip malls.

    Second, how come the argument: "Lansdowne Park was used for football before you moved in" is used to shut up people in the Glebe, but we cannot use "There was no road from here to there when you moved in" with the residents of Kanata?