Friday, November 27, 2009

West Wellington Condo Mania

A new condo is planned for 1433 Wellington, a half block east of Island Park Drive. It is almost opposite the recent Domicile building at the corner of Picadilly. The site is currently a small strip mall. I think a new mid-rise condo is a big improvement over the strip mall and worthwhile bit of intensification.

The building will have vehicular access from the side facing the Loeb/Metro store.

The building exterior is very much in the same style as the building at 200 Lett Street at the corner of Wellington, the first condo built in the current LeBreton Flats project. While it doesn't have a glass tower on top of a podium, both are similar heights (six and seven stories), have windows that vary vertically and horizontally in size, shape, and position. Both have decorative horizontal reliefs or cut ins.

It remains to be seen if this building, already in a built-up area, will be better received than the LeBreton building.

The Claridge condo on the Flats is much larger than 1433 Wellington. However, a similar sized and designed building to the one pictured above(same architect, same builder) is planned for right next door in West Wellington (the car audio site), so from the street there will be much more building than looking at "phase 1" might suggest. The two West Wellington buildings as currently planned will be separated by the 3 storey Bella Bistro restuarant.

The two new West Wellington buildings,plus the nearby 101 Richmond Road condo now under construction on the west side of Island Park, are all of a similar architectural style that will set the tone for the neighborhood. Recall too that Ashcroft, builder of 101, now owns the convent grounds across the street and will likely be wanting to build more, similar condo buildings.


  1. When I walked by last night, there was a long line of people behind a roped area waiting to get in.

    They were part of a group of people that signed up for early information that were privy to the first offerings of condos.
    It seemed to be quite a swanky affair.

    Do you have more info on the Proshine Carwash site? I wasn't aware that any plans had been done.

  2. The same builder and architect are proposing a six or seven storey building for the proshine site. This bldg will be very similar to the first building, almost next door. The main problem seems to me to be access to the new building, as it cannot have driveways so close to the busy intersection. the builder and architect are currently in negotiation with the neighbors, WWCA, Councillor, etc.

  3. There's also the retirement residence Ashcroft will be building on the NW corner of Richmond and Patricia (119 Richmond). It's been delayed, but construction is supposed to start next year.