Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gourmet Take Out

Whilst walking along Preston Street on a new sidewalk (and not climbing over gravel and around holes) I spotted this gourmand partaking of pigeon delight in Ploufe Park. The concrete in the foreground is the planter wall that separates the sidewalk from the playing field. So, the bird is about 12' from me. I poked my camera through the chain link fence to become paparazzi to the eagle-eyed.  The bird stopped eating, eyed me suspiciously for several moments, before flying off with the carcas.

A similar predator frequented my backyard last winter, importing pigeon delicacies to consume by the hibernating rose bush.

I anticipated a bloody mess when the snow melted, but found nothing. I checked out the above falcon/hawk's dining table after its departure and found the only tip left behind was some fluff (already blow'in away) and a pink morsel of pigeon claw. Waste not...


  1. Do hawks (it's a hawk, right?) really eat pigeons? Do they catch them, or just find them? Yikes!

  2. I am not a birder, but it looks like the bird that ate pigeons in my backyard last winter, which other readers identified as a hawk.

    It catches pigeons "on the wing" and takes them to seculuded or private area for dining. The crows at the field at the same time were very inclined to scavenge or eat someone else's dinner without going to the effort of catching it themselves.