Friday, November 13, 2009

The city giveth ...

I rejoice when the City provides some nice landscaping in Dalhousie neighborhood. The City owns some temporary parking lots along Albert Street, between Bronson and the transitway turnoff at the Good Companions centre.

They spent some time last month rigorously pruning and thinning the existing tree and shrub growth around the lots, possibly to improve the social safety of the parking lots by making them more open and exposed.

Then they added some topsoil, mulch, and planted a dozen trees at the entrance of the lot, which faces Brickhill Street (a tiny street that services the parking lots and connects to Old Wellington). I have never seen such tiny (skinny) trees planted by the City (some of the trees were larger caliber, some were mere whips).

I am curious though, why the trees were planted in a area that is planned for redevelopment, including major equipment staging area for  the DOTT project (if it gets the go-ahead), where there are no nearby houses and few people to see or enjoy the trees, while the City steadfastly refuses to plant trees along the new multipurpose path running from the same transitway/Albert intersection westwards to Bayview station.


  1. Hey now, I live less than a block away, and I walk past there every night with my dogs. And unfortunately when the rigourously pruned and thinned the existing trees, the also whipper-snippered a beautiful spray of wildflowers at the base of every tree. My wife saved some of the seeds, but up until then, I thought somebody at the city knew about landscaping...

  2. Matt: Never assume City crews really know anything about horticulture or trees. Trees have a hard time in the urban environment, and near the top of the hazard list must be city "maintenance". And what do you think of the City removing so many of the mature trees around the City Living projects in your neighborhood?

  3. I know, it was definitely false hope to think that the city cared about plants.

    To be honest, I haven't noticed where the mature trees were cut down (tho I biked past there last night)