Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nanny Goat Hill infill

An infill house is being constructed at the north end of Upper Lorne Place, where the staircase goes down to Primrose Street. This picture is taken from the bottom of the stairs. The back of the Dominican College library is in the background, which holds some Dead Sea scrolls. 

View from the top of the stairs. The house will be three floors, with a garage on the Upper Lorne Place side.This house will have high visibility from all four sides -- thus far we have no idea about what quality the exterior will be or what its design is.



  1. If there is a building permit, then surely there are drawings available. . .

  2. Is that the lot that has been for sale for ever along there that they were asking $700+ k for?

  3. I presume 700k is for both a lot and the house to be built there.

    But yes, that's the site. the cliff is now a hole.