Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dubious new building

Double click on the picture to enlarge, and look for the horizontal "cracks" on the panels above the right-most garage door.

This view is from Laurier Avenue of the back of the new Export Canada building that faces Slater and O'Connor. These concrete panels are in various shades of dark gray. I don't know if they are supposed to show this much colour variation, or if they will age to a similar colour. But right now they are ... of dubious delight. And a bunch of the panels show horizontal "cracks" and scratches that are visible now and will probably be more visible with time. Not awe-inspiring.

Does anyone like these panels, and if so, why?


  1. I have a friend who is color blind and thinks these are wonderful ;)

  2. I kind of like the colour variation combined with the strange window pattern because its randonmess is interesting to look at... The cracks are shady though!

  3. there is going to be a striped effect (see the render below)

  4. it's the same colour as the Empire's Death Star. I'll be humming the Imperial March as I walk by it...