Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The friendly streets of west side Ottawa

Outside this never-quite-finished rona-vating house, an impromtu living room has appeared on the city boulevard. Your seating choice: floral sofa ... or mod leather armchair? Or mid-century modern plastic chairs set out especially for Robert? The pink carpet marks the residents as breast-cancer savy. There are even coffee tables for your ... coffee, sometimes served in unique stubby brown glass cups.

I love it, if only because it would never work in Orleans or Barrhaven. Now, to wander down one block . . .

In contrast to the informal sidewalk enhancement on Cambridge, is this corner lot at Somerset/Bell. The manufactured stone blends in reasonably well with the limestone foundation of the old building. Lots of materials here: limestone, fake stone, tile doorstep, mod brick commercial front on an old painted and unpainted brick house.  The garden plants are very new and I hope they will fill in. Perennials or shrubs would have been better though, as they provide four season planting. Still, its a good step toward making Somerset Street sidewalks nicer.


  1. The corner planter was just put in last week! The old one was straight concrete and was cut loose and removed.

  2. That outdoor lounge is pretty cool. I saw it the other day and had to scratch my head a bit.

    I'll have to start scheduling meetings there, instead of in coffeeshops.

    - RG>