Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opportunity to meet a community association...


  1. I'm just curious - does the DCA boundary continue down Bayswater? (Bayview is only a few blocks, I think)
    And into the Glebe across the 417?

    No big deal, I just didn't realize the DCA was so BIG.

  2. Aha! we had a short debate over how much detail to put in the poster. A full description of the boundary would have been boring and long. So, here is the boundary: from Wellington south to the Queensway along Bay, then west to Rochester, then south to Carling, west to the Otrain, north to Bayview Station and the Ottawa river, east along the river to downtown. It includes Lebreton Flats and Bayview Station and all of the Preston BIA and Chinatown BIA. A further complication is the area between Bay and Bronson ... it is shared turf with our good friends at Centretown Commun.Assoc. but we respect that the Bronson issues affect both areas, and some issues fall more "naturally" to one group or the other. For eg, most of chinatown is in Dalhousie but some is east of Bronson...

  3. A further complication comes from the Otrain corridor. It is not so much a natural boundary as a great neighborhood building opportunity, a next-century focus for the neighborhoods on each side of the corridor. So we participate actively in the Bayview-carling CDP plan, and work closely with the Hintonburg CA and West Wellie BIA for development issues along the corridor (eg the condomania along Champagne has many impacts on the residents between Preston and the tracks) and the redesign of Somerset Street (which is sweet, and you can see the detail plan sheets at the agm, please drop in...) is specifically loaded to integrate the neighborhoods and celebrate the connection.

  4. Thanks! I see why you opted for the simple description on the poster, but that makes sense.

    I will drop by on the 13th.