Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cycling UP 400% in March

At a recent transportation briefing at City Hall reference was made to March cycling being up 400% over prior years. I asked for the data, and got this:


  1. I wouldn't doubt that, as conditions were fantastic in March, and a lack of snow meant "summer" commuters like me could start commuting to work at least a month earlier than any other year in the graph

  2. Eric,
    I went to a consultation this week on a bike lane for the Pretoria Bridge, and looking at these numbers I can see why they are doing so. During the summer there are 11 bikes a minute going across the bridge at rush hour. Unfortunately I cannot find traffic volumes anywhere, but then cars have four lanes and bikes zero...

  3. That's a terrible way of counting. The weather can have a significant effect on how many people cycle that day, and can skew the statistics accordingly.

    CfSC has been working with the NCC and the City to install counter loops under the pavement at key locations to count all cyclists, all day, every day, so you can get a real idea of how many people are cycling.

    Also, whoever wrote that report got the bridge wrong. It's Corktown Footbridge, not bridge.