Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smart Construction techniques

Claridge has resumed work on the condo project on LeBreton Flats. The new tower will be immediately south of the current yellow brick podium and glass tower, and will appear to be a continuation of the same building around a common courtyard.


The rock material excavated from the parking garage hole is trucked a few hundred meters to the south and dumped. The yellow excavator is moving the rocks into the blue crusher that turns the large rocks into gravel, which is being stacked up by the red shovel. The debris piles did not look that large a few days ago, so I was surprised to see how large the resulting gravel piles are.


This on-site crushing is big improvement over prior practice which would have seen hundreds of truckloads of stone trucked through the neighborhood to some far-away dump; and later hundreds of truckl0ads of gravel would have made their way to the construction site. The Claridge project is aiming for LEED certification.

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