Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Infill on Willow

This picture was posted earlier in fall 2009 of a house demolition on Willow, opposite St Anthony school. The lot is phonominally deep, but narrow.

New house under construction. I was really surprised at how far set back on the lot it was. As shown, it is set well behind the line of the existing houses on the street, violating one of the key design characteristics in the city's infill housing guidelines. I was also surprised to see a garage at the front, since other projects in the Preston area have been turned down if they have front garages.


  1. Since a detached home doesn't have to go through site plan, is there any control that the city can use besides zoning?

  2. As far as a detached home I believe that the building code and zoning are the only restrictions. Kanata had it's colour bylaws but that's the only place I've ever come across design influence for homes.

  3. Re your comment on the front garage, my understanding of the bylaws related to front garages involves the distance from the street to the front of the garage. Likely why the building is set back so far.