Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Booth Street update

double click to enlarge picture

A few weeks ago, this blog featured Cousin Edy Garage and Chados Auto Body as the ugliest, messiest businesses in the neighborhood.

As I went by today, the old tires left on the boulevard are gone, the garbage picked up, and as shown in the picture, several unhappy people removing some of the sign clutter.

If they mow the lawn ... and the mysteriously disappeared trees replaced ... the place will once again be an acceptable neighbor, at least until someone redevelops the lot for condos!


  1. Good to see that they can take some good advice :)

  2. hey, just stumbled on your blog looking up property in this neighbourhood - check this out: http://www.ottawarealestatenews.ca/357BoothStreet08January2009.pdf

  3. Cousin edy garage is a freindly place i love going there!